Mangesh is the maker of magic at DOW; the conjurer of exquisite exhibits and structures. A Maya wunderkind, who taught himself structural design, Mangesh leads our EvEx design team.

Before he came to Dow 9 years ago, Mangesh switched three jobs in 4 years. He says coming to DOW felt like he had found his home. He loves the challenge that each new project brings, the opportunity to translate a client's goals into a beautiful, functional structure.

He is quite the fan of Tolkien, and Smeegul is his favourite character. When he isn't working, you'll find him surfing the internet into the wee hours. He is also an amateur photographer and occasional Sahyadri trekker. If you're lucky, he'll make you a sketch of yourself.


Mobile- 096199 20129


Design Ninja

Raju almost ended up not working at DOW because his cousin who was working at DOW at the time forgot to submit his interview assignment. We're glad he persevered though because without him the last six years at DOW would have been just a little less awesome.

Before DOW, Raju has worked numerous graphic and 3D design jobs at places ranging from the ISKCON temple to the RNA Corporation. At DOW, Raju designs all our activation projects.

Raju is a devoted family man with a 2-year old daughter who is the joy of his life. When he isn't at work or with his family, you'll find him sparring at the local gym. Raju is a 3-time state level gold medallist who also made it to nationals twice. If you're wondering why he never pursued a career in boxing, it's because he didn't want to worry his mum - she hated the idea of him getting hurt. While we do wish Raju had pursued his dream of a professional career in boxing, we're also glad he didn't; if he had, we would have never met this amazing human being.


Mobile- 096194 51942


Staging Ninja

Another long-time DOW team member, Nitin produces all the EvEx projects at DOW. He is a commerce graduate who joined DOW in the accounts team. One day he tagged along with the EvEx team to set up an exhibit, and as they say, the rest is history.

He's learned everything he knows about producing an event on the job, and as he says, it's been quite a rocking education. Though it's been eight years, he still enjoys the thrill of watching exhibits take shape from scratch, each project a new beginning.

Nitin likes to keep work and play separately. When he isn't working, you'll find him hanging around with his friends playing cricket. Nitin is a die-hard Sachin fan who isn't embarrassed to say he cried buckets the day Sachin retired. He loves Shahrukh Khan and Akshay Kumar movies and can often be found at Rajput, Shivaji Park at 3 am eating his favourite Chinese Triple Rice.